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What is Google hiding? Violating your Rights?



Before we get started, this isn’t only a problem with Google. There are other companies that are just as guilty. Google is definitely one of the biggest however and for that reason I am going to focus on them.

I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge that Google has the ability to track your information which is mostly used to create ads that appeal directly to you. If you have ever looked up a pair of shoes you were thinking about buying, there is a good chance you have seen an advertisement for those exact shoes while browsing the internet later on. Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad but Google can also see your exact location unless you turn that option off.

If that’s okay with you how about this: they can watch you through your webcam and listen in through your computer’s internal microphone. There is NO real reason Google or any other company should be able to have that much access to invade your personal space. Your privacy is guaranteed to you in the constitution. Shouldn’t Google be on trial right about now? Maybe if our wonderful government(sarcasm) didn’t use such surveillance for their own purposes they would be, but that’s a story for another day.

Google has no problem recording your personal life but how would they like it if you were to show up at their headquarters and start recording them? Well, Alex Jones once took it upon himself to find out. Seems like Google has something to hide; what do you think? Watch below:

By The Alex Jones Channel

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