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Putin Orders Nuke Missile Firing Over Fears Of US-NATO Contact With “Dangerous Entity”!!!

A highly classified (and mostly censored) Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin personally authorized the filming and public release of the firing of a nuclear capable 3M-54 Калибр (Kalibr) land-attack cruise missile towards the Baltic Sea from a Northern Fleet  “unnamed/unspecifiedSeverodvinsk class submarine operating in the Barents Sea as a warning to both the United States and NATO to immediately cease their efforts to “uncover/discover” information relating to the mysterious object known in the West as the “Baltic Sea Anomaly”.

According to this report, over the past fortnight both US and NATO warships have “converged/deployed” in the Baltic Sea region cutting off all international shipping traffic to the site where this mysterious object lies submerged in the near center of the Bothnian Sea between Sweden and Finland—and giving rise to MoD fears that an effort is being undertaken by the West to raise what Russian intelligence analysts in this report warn could possibly be a “dangerous entity”.

So concerned, in fact, has the MoD become in regards to the US-NATO efforts towards this mysterious object, this report continues, it has authorized numerous combat maneuvers against these Western warships that have included the disabling of the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea and confrontations by Federation fighter aircraft against American spy planes flying over this region.

As it concerns this mysterious object, this report explains, it was first discovered in 2011 by Sweden’s “Ocean X” [Note: this website is blocked in many Western countries] diving team over 200 meters (656 feet) below the Bothnian Sea and described as a 61-meter-wide (200 feet) and eight-meter-tall (26 feet) circular object resembling the Millenium Falcon spacecraft seen in the popular Star Wars movies.


Baltic Sea Anomaly (2011 photograph)

Western propaganda about this mysterious object, this report notes, states that it is nothing more than a natural geological formation made of stone—which is “highly/severely” contested by Federation experts whose analysis of this objects structural material show it to be comprised of an unknown metal alloy. This Federation assessment was seconded by the highly noted Israeli geological and archeological doctor-scientist Steve Weiner who, likewise, reported that the materials from this mysterious object were from “metals which nature could not reproduce itself”.

Though much speculation revolves around this mysterious object with some believing it is an alien spacecraft, and others believing that it is a Nazi-era top secret project leftover from World War II, this report concludes without its exactly stating what it is other than to note the Federations great “fears/concerns” about it—at least in the parts of this report we were able to read.


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers




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