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Here Are The Latest Starving Muslim Refugees To Land In The U.S.!!!

starving muslim refugees

The word “refugee” typically brings images to mind of poor, starving, third world peasants. Pictures of toothpick thin children suckling on the dried-out teats of equally toothpick thin mothers. Fathers, grieving and wailing to the God of their choosing, begging for forgiveness for unknown sins, for certainly, they must have done something to deserve such a wretched life.

However, in the case of the Syrian refugees coming to America, this is NOT the case. Look above at some of the latest Muslim refugees as they were getting off the boats in New Orleans, Louisiana while simultaneously their Muslim brothers were shooting up and blowing up our brothers and sisters in Paris.

Fortunately, 24 U.S. State’s Governors, as of this writing, have told the Federal Government that they will NOT be accepting any of the Muslim refugees into their states. No doubt, communist California will volunteer to house them all.

Keep your eyes and ears open, people. Jihad was declared on the West long ago, but obviously, we’ve forgotten the lessons we learned on September 11, because we are now inviting them in, putting them up and feeding them, and basically lying down on their chopping blocks to allow them to behead us!


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