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FINALLY! Proposed Bill Would Penalize Schools Disrespecting The American Flag!!!


This was a long time coming!

The most patriotic and constitutional American flag bill ever to be drafted in Congress is now awaiting a vote. House Republicans have heeded President-Elect Donald Trump’s call to protect Old Glory!

A bill that stops federal funding to any college campus that bans the American flag has been proposed. The legislation comes on the heals of the disrespectful attack on the flag at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, Dennis Michael Lynch reports.

Hampshire College students burned the American flag in protest of Donald Trump’s presidential win. Many of the millennials there claimed the flag was a symbol of racism and oppression and not freedom and their God-given rights. From there, Hampshire College removed all American flags from campus.

Before the burning of the flag, the college lowered it to half staff to denote its sorrow at Hillary Clinton’s loss.

About 1,000 veterans quickly converged on the campus to protest Hampshire College’s decision to remove the flag from campus entirely to prevent hurt feelings among students and staff who deemed the symbol of freedom as intimidating and scary.

Ohio Republican Mike Turner, along with 52 of his GOP peers in the House, presented the American flag protection bill. Turner called for the flag to be given the respect it deserves.

“I am proud to introduce legislation that will protect the American flag from censorship across the country. The American flag is a symbol of freedom throughout the world and should be respected as such,” Representative Turner said.

Mike Turner said colleges could lose all federal funding if they ban the display or flying of the American flag. If the flag ban is lifted on offending campuses, the federal dollars would once again begin to flow.

The Protect the Flag Act states: “Federal funds may not be made available to an institution of higher education…that, pursuant to an official policy of the institution to prohibit the display of the flag of the United States by the institution, removes, censors, takes down, prohibits, or otherwise halts display of a flag of the United States.”

“Recent action by Hampshire College to remove the American flag from its campus was a blatant act of censorship. Furthermore, Hampshire College’s decision disrespected our service members, veterans, and the liberties our flag embodies. We must work to ensure that such acts of censorship are not supported by the government in the future,” Turner added.

The Protect the Flag Act stands a very strong chance of passing. Donald Trump stated during his North Carolina “Thank You” tour stop last night that he fully intends to do something to protect Old Glory after taking office. The Republican controlled Congress should have his back and vote unanimously to support Turner’s bill.

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